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Get ready for the next generation of ready rigged, soft plastic lures!

JOKER Apex Minnows

At 13 grams and 9cm long they’re the perfect ‘bait fish’ size. Available in 10 colours.

5X mixed colour packs with 4 minnows in each pack are available NOW, find out more here

JOKER Apex Minnows
Silver-Halo. Joker Jigs and Lures

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JOKER products are brand new, but we’ve still had some great catches this year, see them here

The JOKER Slammer Jig, the Cotton Candy colours. Joker, perfect slow pitch jigs and lures

About JOKER Jigs and Lures

JOKER Jigs and Lures is owned and run by Matt Forrester.

Matt’s a dedicated Slow Pitch Jigging expert and professional skipper at the highly

successful Silver Halo Charters running out of Torquay Harbour in South Devon, UK.

JOKER source, test and prove fishing tackle, slow pitch jigs and lures, for boat, shore and freshwater angling.

Only the very best finally make the grade!


all 5 colours of the excellent JOKER Imp jig

New colours for the JOKER ‘Imp’!

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An additional two new colours for the JOKER ‘Imp’! The existing colours of Acid Orange, Blue + Pink and Cotton Candy ...

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the best JOKER Apex MInnow, soft plastic lures

JOKER Apex Minnows have landed!

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So after a long wait the wonderful Apex Minnows have landed. Wow, let me tell you, it WAS worth the wait, ...

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JOKER Apex Minnows

Stocking Up for 2024!

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With all this bad winter weather it’s a good time to stock up and refresh some of that unloved and worn ...

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Want to learn more about the technical side of SPJ ?

Find out more with Matt’s extensive guide to slow pitch jigging here