Palmarius P+ Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

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Palmarius take pride in crafting fishing rods that embody the perfect blend of exceptional design, unparalleled performance and utmost reliability. Their commitment to excellence starts with selecting the finest materials, combining proven tapers with the highest quality Toray Nanocarbon blanks, sourced directly from Japan.

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Where Craftsmanship Meets Performance

Palmarius P+ Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

JOKER are proud to be the first supplier in the UK for PALMARIUS Outdoor Products!

P+ Series Slow Pitch Jigging Rods
Introducing Palmarius P+ SiC Edition with Torzite Titanium Frame Arowana Tip
With the same action as the original P Series Cork, but offered in a 15% stronger unsanded “raw carbon” EVA Edition.
• 2023 P+ Slow Jigging EVA Edition
• 15% Increase in strength over the 2022 P Series
• No change to the action – blanks are un-sanded leaving more of the natural carbon fiber showing
• One Piece Fixed Shaft
• Fuji SiC guides with Torzite KG Titanium Frame Arowana Tip Top
• Equipped with Titanium TORZITE tip, the light weight tip top doesn’t impede action or feel.
• The Lightest frame in Fuji history 3D Tangle-Free Structure
• Includes our EVA rod sock with internal Tip Protector

Model     Length       Weight          Line rating       Tip OD       Butt OD
P+ 66-0   6′ 6″        25g – 100g      PE .08-1.2       1.98mm      9.55mm
P+ 66-1   6′ 6″        75g – 150g      PE 1.0 – 1.5     2.00mm    10.40mm
P+ 66-2   6′ 6″      150g – 300g      PE 1.0 – 2        2.20mm    10.60mm
P+ 66-3   6′ 6″      200g – 400g      PE 1.0 – 3        2.20mm    11.00mm
P+ 66-4   6′ 6″      250g – 500g      PE 1.5 – 4        2.30mm    11.30mm
P+ 66-5   6′ 6″      300g – 650g      PE 2.0 – 5        2.45mm    12.05mm
P+ 63-6   6′ 3″      450g – 800g      PE 2.0 – 5        2.6mm      12.25mm
P+ 63-7   6′ 3″      500g – 1000g    PE 2.0 – 6        2.8mm      12.75mm

Palmarius take pride in crafting fishing rods that embody the perfect blend of exceptional design, unparalleled performance and utmost reliability. Their commitment to excellence starts with selecting the finest materials, combining proven tapers with the highest quality Toray Nanocarbon blanks, sourced directly from Japan. Palmarius P+ Slow Pitch Jigging Rods are very special indeed!

When you hold a Palmarius rod in your hands, you’ll immediately notice its remarkable characteristics. These rods possess a unique ability to bend beautifully, allowing for precise control and effortless jigging. With a quick recoil, they offer unparalleled sensitivity, ensuring that you never miss a bite. Say goodbye to shaky rods that compromise your angling experience.

What sets Palmarius apart, is their listening. Incorporating features like larger guides and sturdier tapers, they satisfy the asks and demands of anglers in this exploding vertical jigging market. Their rods are designed in Japan, with input from the very best and most respected anglers in the field. The founder, Dan Harley, spent more than 5 weeks living in Asia as these rods where tuned and perfected. That’s why they are so “fishing”, they where given the time and due diligence to produce the best product, one that flicks the jig just right – to draw those savage bites that we all crave as anglers.
These rods are designed to be user-friendly, allowing novice anglers to experience the thrill of catching quality fish on metal jigs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting your fishing journey, the Palmarius P+ Slow Pitch Jigging Rods will empower you to achieve truly dramatic results.

Palmarius understand that every angler deserves the best, which is why they only utilize 100% Fuji, Japanese-made guides. Renowned for their exceptional performance and unparalleled longevity, these guides ensure that your Palmarius rod delivers optimal performance and withstands the test of time. They believe in nothing less for our valued customers. There’s no room for compromise, especially when it comes to quality. Each rod undergoes meticulous hand-inspection and is meticulously loaded with test weights before leaving the factory. It is tested again before it leaves our warehouse in the United States. This rigorous quality control process guarantees that every Palmarius rod that reaches your hands is nothing short of exceptional. You can fish with confidence, knowing that your Palmarius rod is built to exceed your expectations.Choosing Palmarius means choosing more than just a fishing rod – it means investing in a 12-legacy of craftsmanship, performance, and unwavering quality.

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10 reviews for Palmarius P+ Slow Pitch Jigging Rods

  1. Dan Price (verified owner)

    I bought the power 2 rod as a second slow pitch rod with the intent of it handling heavier jigs than my current SHIMANO grappler. Took it for its first outing and I am more than happy, amazing feel, light, responsive and with plenty of backbone to stop the crash dives from the pollack. Comfortably handled jigs up to 200g (sure it could go heavier but no need for that around here) and did exactly what I hoped, very happy.

    • Matt

      Thanks for the great and honest review Dan, glad it’s going to be a joy to use for the future! Tight lines, Matt

  2. Colin Scott

    Bought the P2 version from Matt recently along with an OCEA Jigger 1500 FG custom reel.This was after a successful trip using Matt’s identical set up…a fantastic responsive rod with bucket loads of reserve for those hard fighting pollock and bass!
    Excellent advice and plenty of options to cater for various jigs .The 170 slammer jig I used on the day easily dealt with some tricky wrecks.

    Big thanks to an amazing new way (for me) of targeting wreck predators!

  3. Darren

    Used on a trip with Matt. My 1st time slow pitch jigging. A new and enjoyable way to fish. The rods seem remarkably powerful and reactive for something so light. Well worth a trip out with Matt to get you hooked / started. now I’m really looking forward to getting out on my boat, to use my new toy

    • Matt

      Thanks for the review Darren. Really glad you’ve found a new love for fishing after your trip out with me, enjoy the rod!

  4. Dave

    I have been hugely impressed with the Palmarius SPJ rods. I have used a number of slow pitch rods including Evergreens and I think the Palmarius rods are better suited to how we fish in the U.K. (free drifting boats, strong tides etc) . They have just the right action to make pitching your jig seem really easy and have plenty of grunt down low to cope with hard charging double figure Pollock. Build quality is excellent and the guide train is really well thought out. Highly recommended

    • Matt

      Thanks for the detailed and honest review Dave, I cant agree more with you here! Excellent rods!

  5. Darren

    P-0 matched up with 100g Joker jig and light braid is really good fun on inshore wrecks. Puts a smile on your face. Once you realise it doesn’t snap as it folds right over 🤣🤣

    • Matt

      Thanks for the review Darren, glad your really feeling the benefits of such a quality rod!

  6. Jurijus

    Purchased from Silver Halo Charters. Good quality rod with plenty of power. Had few good pollack with that. Great rod.

    • Matt

      Thanks for the review Jurijus. Glad you like the rod, amazing how they handle the bigger fish even though theyre so light and responsive!

  7. Paul Morgan

    I purchased a pair of these rods from Matt the power 1 & 2 I am more than pleased with my purchase , incredible quality and design and they feel just perfect in hand , would highly recommend to anyone thinking of purchasing

    • Matt

      Thanks for the review Paul, its much appreciated and I’m glad you appreciate the quality of the P+ jigging rods, I love them too!

  8. Ashley Bevan

    Excellent service from Matt! I wanted a slightly lighter spj rod and so went with the p1 pairing it with the 100g and 130g slammers and was not disappointed! Great feel to the rod providing a nice action to the jig.
    The setup with the eyes helps massively too as once you’ve had a rod that the eyes run straight and tangle for a past time this makes life much easier especially if you have a short window to stay vertical!!
    This was a last minute purchase as was holding off as I didn’t think I could improve my spj setup and my only regret was not pulling the trigger sooner! Great rod 😁

    • Matt

      Thanks for the great and detailled review Ashley. These rods are really nice to use, im glad you can enjoy the jigs even more!

  9. Mr l j parry

    Jest bought the power 1 , wow , what a lovely rod , well made well balanced, the perfect rod for me thanks matt

    • Matt

      Thanks for the review Lee, you cant go wrong with the P+ a real pleasure to use.

  10. Thomas jones

    Great gear u het what u pay for

    • Matt

      yes there are certainly cheaper rods about, infact some real rubbish even by some big brands but these are very good indeed for the money. Thanks for your review

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