Stocking Up for 2024!

JOKER Apex Minnows

With all this bad winter weather it’s a good time to stock up and refresh some of that unloved and worn out fishing tackle!

pile of lovely JOKER jigs and lures
Lots of lovely JOKER gifts!

Refreshing tackle stocks.

The shorter, darker and colder winter months are a good time to reflect back on the year, the great catches and associated memories, then there’s the social interaction and fresh air out on the open sea. It’s also a good time to look forward, a time to refresh and get stocking up for 2024!

Replacing some of that beaten up tackle, wether its rod and reel repairs or replacements, new line or braid, or a nice new selection of jigs and lures, it’s all good preparation for the New Year ahead!

So January and Febuary used to be prime pollock months but over the last 5 or 6 years, the bulk of fish seem to be arriving a little later. This allows us a bit of a break and it’s not a bad thing really as those first couple of months are usually some of the worse for the weather! March now seems to have a better run of fresh fish and it’s a much a more appealing start! Everything should be well stocked up and prepped ready for the first settled spells of weather as some of the very best wreck fishing often happens from then right on into spring and early summer.

Spring of 2023 saw the very first use of the excellent samples I had just acquired, it was the Slammer jigs and the Apex Minnows that had the most use and it was for good reason! They literally slayed it!

The Slammer slow pitch jigs can be found here these are available in three colours and 5 weights!

Please don’t forget to check out the amazing Apex Minnows in the JOKER SHOP too! These are a new revamped model of ‘ready rigged’ soft plastic lure, excellent for both casting and wrecking (with the use of a weighted boom). They’ll be available very soon!

Apex minnows by Joker Jigs and Lures

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